Range Raised Premium Quality Beef

  • ​​​​​​​​Locally Grown and Raised

He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth​.

-Psalm 104:14

What Sets Our Beef Apart?

  •    ​​​USDA Inspected Processing


All the photography on this website was taken by Iliana Smith and is a true representation of the pasture land used by ME Cattle, LLC. and surrounding areas.


Range  Raised 

We are more than just grass fed beef

 Saying you're grass fed is easy, but that could also mean you bought a steer at an auction, fed it alfalfa and no corn while you had it, and sold it as grass fed beef with the premium price.  Alfalfa can be genetically modified and highly pesticided.  You want cattle that have been raised on native grasses that have been untreated or tampered with from birth to butcher.  It has been said that corn finished cows have better marbling, but corn is not natural to a cows diet, their digestive system was built to break down grasses.  You want cattle that have never been fed any grain, corn or wheat. 

Committed to serving you a better beef for a better way of living

  •     ANGUS BEEF


  • ​​Range raised -- range finished.  Can't get any closer to nature than a beef raised on native grasses​​ from birth to butcher

  • Being a family owned and operated cow/calf operation means we can trace back our herd over 100 years so not only are we claiming quality on "this beef" but on a long line of cattle


  • Our cattle are free of antibiotics, steroids, hormones, corn and wheat  and raised in a low stress environment of sunshine and plentiful feed

  • Because of the strong immune systems these cows develop being in their natural element, consuming a large variety of grasses, plants, weeds, and browse acceptable to their pallet and beneficial to their diet, and dwelling with equally healthy cattle also means that not only are antibiotics not used but not needed!