Half Beef

Meat Boxes

$6.25 /lb

Frozen Packaged Meat

(average weight being 392 lbs* would cost approx. $2,450*)


The first step to progress, is to take a step!  Often, the first step is the hardest one to take.  Our minds are READY, our motivation is SET, but we fail to GO.  "Eat healthier" and "loose weight" are on everyone's wish list, but the options and avenues that can be taken to accomplish these results are endless not to mention the controversy over which way is best or most effective.  Not having clear direction on where to go and which path to take is usually why we fail to move.

Our advice to you, is to take 
ONE STEP and be diligent in that step.  No matter how small that baby step is, if nothing changes, then nothing will ever change.  I believe eating healthier can be as simple as deciding to pour any and all soda pop down the drain from here on out and pay with a card at the pump every time to resist temptation.  Wherever your start is, have a plan--tangible goals that allows you to progress through the baby steps to the winner's circle.  Funny thing about winning when it comes to a healthier lifestyle is that if you change only ONE thing, you've already won because you are further than where you were.

You might be on step one or on step 22.  
ME Cattle is here to present to you ONE STEP.And if all you ever did was change this one step, what would that look like?  We hope you'll try it for yourself and see just what changing over to Range Raised Beef could look like in your life.  And we hope you'll let us know.  We love victory dances!

Bulk packages we assemble of assorted cuts at a discounted price!  An alternative to purchasing a whole or half beef without having to pay the individual cut price.

One Step  20-25 lb meat box                    $9.50/lb

1 Brisket                                                          ($190-$237)

1-2 pkgs Sirloin Steaks

1-2 pkgs Ribeye Steaks

1-2 pkgs Tenderloin Medallions (Filet Mignon)

1-2 pkgs Ribs

4-5 pkgs Ground Beef

2-3 pkgs Sirloin/Round/Chuck Roasts

Life Changer  40-50 lb meat box             $8.80/lb

1-2 pkgs Sirloin Steaks                                   ($352-$440)

1-2 pkgs NY Strip Steaks

1-2 pkgs Chuck Steaks

1-2 pkgs Skirt Steaks

1 pkg Flank Steak

1-2 Briskets

1 Tri-tip

3-5 pkgs Ribs

3-5 Sirloin/Round/Chuck Roasts

8-10 lbs of Ground Beef

Simple Start                                                  $7.50/lb
A bulk meat box of 30 lbs of ground beef         ($225)

Committed  (Quarter Share)                      $7.75/lb 
An assortment of ¼ of a beef worth of cuts (with an average weight of 98 lbs* would cost approx. $759*)

*Please note that prices are subject to change.  Contact us for weights on available beef to get an exact price.

​$6.75 / lb

Frozen Packaged Meat

(average weight being 196 lbs* would cost approx. $1,323*)

purchasing ME Cattle

Whole Beef

Can be purchased at:

Sky Islands Grill & Grocery

Portal, AZ

Lifeline Chiropractic

Tucson, AZ

Tin Town Ecoasis

Sustainable Living Center

Bisbee, AZ

Individual Cuts

Range Raised Premium Quality Beef