We strive to uphold integrity in the beef we raise by keeping our cattle free of antibiotics, steroids, hormones and corn and allow them to live in a low stress environment of sunshine and plentiful feed

why we began

Chance and  Iliana Smith

All the photography on this website was taken by Iliana Smith and is a true representation of the pasture land used by ME Cattle, LLC. and surrounding areas.

Range Raised Premium Quality Beef

Growing up my momma always worked to feed us "real" food.  She bought spices and herbs from all over the world, purchasing through buying clubs and wholesale accounts to get the best price she could for "real" ingredients.  After marrying my husband and realizing what a tremendous blessing it was to be able to eat such pure meat raised right off his family's ranch.  I so desired to share that blessing with all who were committed to offering their families with a "real" ingredient to add to the family table at an affordable price without having to travel the world to find it.  So here's to family tables, and real food, and committed mommas!


We blame it all on our roots.  As sixth generation ranchers in Southeastern

Arizona, we make it our priority to raise

superior quality range raised beef.

Our cow/calf operation passed down through the ages allows us to trace back our herd over 100 years earlier to the original

cattle ranch purchased by our family who

came here by wagon from Texas in the early 1900's.  This means that not only are we claiming quality on "this beef" but on a long line of cattle over the generations.


How we raise quality